Ron L. Meyers

Attorney at Law

After earning my B.A. from Columbia University and my J.D. from Harvard Law School, I practiced for several years at a number of major international law firms. In 2009, I decided to open my own practice to offer small-firm attention and straightforward legal guidance to individuals and families in New York. Passionate and deeply knowledgeable about the fields of estate law and real estate transactions, I’ve spent more than a decade helping clients navigate issues that occur with real property in estates.

Practice Areas

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Estate Planning

Planning for the future of your estate can be complicated. Our goal is to simplify the process so you can move forward, whether through living wills, charitable trusts, or other kinds of plans.

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Probate & Estate Administration

Our practice encompasses all that may come with administering an estate, from filing estate tax returns to resolving probate disputes to protecting you from personal liability.

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Real Estate Transactions

New York’s real estate market is unique. Allow us to help you pursue your goals through a proactive approach to residential and commercial real estate transactions and litigation.

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What Our Clients Say

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Real Estate Transactions Can Be Complex.
Don’t Navigate it Alone.

We’ll walk you through the process, from the onset of the transaction to the closing table.


Careful Preparation

We’ll start by listening to your story. Then, we’ll educate you on the steps you’ll need to take throughout the process so you’re prepared for what comes next.


Skilled Negotiation

Our attorney knows how to stand his ground and maintain his poise. We’ll seek cooperative solutions and strive to protect your interests at every stage.


Securing the Deal

Whether you seek to negotiate a lease or protect yourself from liability, our firm is all about results. We begin with the end of your real estate transaction in mind.

Ensure that Your Loved Ones are Set up for Success
Courthouse Icon Whether you’re planning for the future of your estate or facing the difficult task of navigating probate or estate administration, our team is here to handle your case with care.

If you’re seeking to understand the details of an estate plan or hoping to resolve a complex probate issue, you may be feeling overwhelmed. That’s understandable. The estate planning and estate administration processes are certainly not simple. With the careful and comprehensive guidance of a skilled legal team, though, it’s possible to navigate these issues with confidence.

Since 2009, Ron L. Meyers & Associates PLLC has provided highly individualized services and customized strategies for clients all over the state of New York. If you’re ready to manage the affairs of an estate and find a resolution that takes your unique goals into account, schedule a free initial consultation with us. As your partner in the estate administration and probate process, our attorney will walk you through each step of your case.

When we communicate with you, we strive to be clear and concise because we strongly believe that clarity is key. We understand that estate matters can quickly become confusing for individuals, couples, and families, so we’ll be sure to educate you on your options and help you understand your next steps. Our attorney started this law firm in order to put people first, and that goal has never changed. 

A strong client-attorney partnership can go a long way toward achieving the results you and your family need. We strongly believe in the power of effective communication, committed counsel, and collaborative advocacy for clients anywhere in New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Schedule a free appointment with our attorney today.