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After working for years in corporate law firms, I opened this practice to focus on people. I offer a range of services that are most likely to be those you and your family will need in the course of your life and work. Many of my clients view me as their personal attorney and advisor. It’s a solemn trust that gives me great pride, and great commitment to my clients.

Ron Meyers grew up on the Jersey Shore, then attended Columbia University (B.A. 1992) and Harvard Law School (J.D. 1999). Ron was admitted to practice in the State of New York in 2000.

Ron practiced for seven years at a number of major international law firms on commercial real estate projects that included the World Trade Center, the Times Square redevelopment, and the creation of the High Line. In 2007, he moved into the Trusts & Estates field and opened this practice on his own in 2009.

Ron quickly became a noted practitioner in the challenging planning needs of same-sex couples prior to the marriage equality laws. In that capacity, he spoke in many venues, was the primary source for major coverage of the issue in the New York Times, and co-authored the book “Marriage, Civil Unions, and Alternative Relationships: The Law Today” (Thomson Reuters, 2013).

Ron’s commitment to philanthropic planning is reflected in his frequent presentations to organizations including WNET-Thirteen, the American Museum of Natural History, and MasterVoices, which he also advises on long-term gift planning.

In this firm, Ron has integrated the closely related fields of estate law and real estate law. For many estates, real property is a central asset, and the ownership of property often entails significant estate considerations. By working with deep knowledge in each of these fields, Ron has an unusual ability to address issues, anticipate challenges, and rectify problems that occur with real property in estates.

Ron views himself as a teacher and guide – to his associates and to his clients – in navigating the complex issues and procedures involved in estates and property transactions. To that end, he works continually to improve his documents, methods, and practices to maximize clarity and minimize anxiety in these life-changing legal experiences.

While Ron enjoys working sensitively with clients in their complex matters, he also enjoys standing up for them fearlessly when they are in conflict with others. Whether at the closing table or the courtroom, Ron’s no-nonsense negotiation style and forceful advocacy get great results for his clients.

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