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Much of the work we do integrates with the work that you may have done – or may need to do – with other advisors. We regard teamwork as one of our most important values and functions.

We are happy to serve as the leader of your team, or as a valued utility player – whatever the situation requires. And if you need it, we are ready to put together a team for you, with referrals to a rich array of trusted colleagues who can help in any of these areas.

For REAL ESTATE MATTERS, this entails very active interaction with some or all of:

  • your broker, and the other party’s broker and attorney

  • your mortgage banker and their counsel

  • coop or condo management

  • your financial advisor

  • title insurance professionals

  • building inspectors

  • building-department expeditors

  • appraisers

For ESTATE PLANNING, this may involve coordination with your:

  • Financial advisor

  • Insurance consultant

  • Human resources or retirement plan manager

  • Elder-care attorney

  • Business attorney

  • Matrimonial attorney

  • Accountant or tax advisor

  • Children, parents, or other relatives.

  • Trusted friends selected as executors or for other fiduciary roles.

  • Corporate fiduciaries.

For PROBATE and ESTATE ADMINISTRATION matters, your team may include:

  • Appraisers for art, real estate, or other property

  • Contacts for philanthropic gifts

  • Financial advisors

  • Accountants and tax advisors

  • Counsel in other jurisdictions

  • Co-counsel for special issues, such as landlord-tenant relations in estate-owned property

  • Family members

…and our interactions will often include interactions with:

  • taxation authorities

  • a mortgage lender and other creditors of the estate

  • the probate court

  • surety bond providers.

  • Genealogists.