Different projects are billed in different ways. We have four basic billing models for different kinds of projects:

a. Flat Fee. This applies to Estate Planning work, when we create a new set of documents.

b. Standard Hourly Rates. This applies to most Probate / Estate Settlement work, and all contentious estate work, as well as anything that does not fall into any of the categories specifically described on this page.

c. Discounted Hourly Rates. This is a lower fee scale that applies to Estate Planning revisions, Estate Planning post-signing follow-up work, and other small-scale work that is not part of a major project.

d. Target Fees. This is used for Residential Real Estate transactions. We set a target fee, based on the average scope of work in this area, but we also log our time at our discounted hourly rates. If the logged time is within 25% of the target fee in either direction, then the target fee is the final amount payable. If the logged time is more than 25% over the target fee, the logged time is the amount due, and if it is less than the target fee, we will refund the difference. (Expenses are payable in any event.)

Occasionally, other arrangements are appropriate. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

We will advise you of our applicable hourly rates (standard or discounted) when you engage us for the project. Please understand that our rates do increase periodically and that such increases are applicable to projects already in progress.

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