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We are all in lockdown now (that’s me in my kitchen), but we can still get important things done, like the legal documents that can help you in the kind of emergency situations that we are all facing during this global health scare.

This page describes the documents we will create for you, and explains certain details of this service, which is a compact, streamlined and discounted version or our usual estate planning service.  This page includes legal disclosures, and agreement as to pricing, so please read it carefully.

The next page will ask you to enter the information needed to create your documents.  Please fill in all required fields, as they are all needed for the documents.  If you are uncertain about anything, please send us an email at info@ronmeyerslaw.com.

The final page will finish up with a description of the next steps.  This is very important, as remote signing requires strict compliance with legal procedures.  That’s how we can guarantee that your documents will be legally effective – not a small feat during lockdown.  Please be sure to read the final page carefully and fully.

Here we go…

These are the documents in the Essentials Documents Package:

  1. Health Care Proxy — Designates someone to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make or communicate your own decisions.  This is especially important if your agent is not your legal spouse or closest relative.  And in an environment when your agents are vulnerable as well, it’s important to designate at least one alternate agent.  Young adults, such as college students, need these documents as well — after age 18, parents have no legal authority to act on their behalf.
  1. Power of Attorney— Designates someone to handle personal business for you if you are unable to attend to it for any reason — whether it be physical incapacity, or inability to be present at a particular place and time.  Note that your spouse or closest relatives do nothave legal authority to act on your behalf, unless you appoint them in a valid power of attorney.  And that the courts that would enable alternate agency arrangements (guardianship) are currently mostly closed.  And again, young adults are a population who need this document.
  1. Will— In the event of your death, your will (a) directs the inheritance of your assets, (b) designates the executor who will handle the management and distribution of your estate, (c) appoints a guardian for your minor children.  If you intend for your assets to pass to your spouse and children, then the law will provide at least a reasonable result even if you lack a will.  If you have any other intentions, particularly any philanthropic intentions, a will is required.  A will is especially important if you are in a non-marital relationship an intend for your partner to be your executor or beneficiary.

Pricing:             $500 for an individual; $900 for a couple

Single adults under 30: $250. (health care proxy and power of attorney only)

Please note that in order to utilize this service, you must:

  • Be physically within the State of New York when you sign your documents.
  • video call capability, such as Skype, Face Time, Zoom, or a similar service, either on a computer or a phone.

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The Essential Documents Package provides you with the following benefits:

  • Documents prepared by attorneys with long experience in this specific field of practice.
  • Attorney supervision of document signing, guaranteeing that the documents are legally valid.
  • Access to attorneys for questions and follow-up.
  • The beginning of an ongoing relationship for future consultation.

The Essential Documents Package does not include the following features of our full-service estate planning services:

  • Review and analysis of your assets, tax exposure and detailed personal circumstances.
  • Estate planning with trust provisions, customized distribution plans or tax reduction techniques.
  • Advice as to optimizing your estate plans as to inheritance, taxation and administration.

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