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Buying or selling a home

Investing in your future and making sure it’s protected are my major concerns.

The New York real estate market is unlike almost any other in the world. It moves very fast, and involves procedures that simply don’t exist elsewhere. We can’t make the process any less complex for you, but we definitely can make it less stressful and less confusing.

We do dozens of transactions every year – condos and coops; single-family homes, multi-family homes and townhouses; in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens the Bronx and the New York suburbs. We’ve seen it all, and we have perfected the process that gets the job done. We will start by orienting you to the many steps of the transaction, so you can know, and prepare for, everything that’s coming.

We have also seen all kinds of problems and pitfalls, and we’ve developed practices and contract provisions to keep you out of trouble. Several times a year, our contract provisions protect a client from a loss or a liability that would have occurred otherwise.

We have long-standing relationships with all the other professionals that may be needed to bring your deal from offer to closing – brokers, title insurance companies, building-department expediters, financial planners, mortgage bankers, insurance brokers. We can even connect you with elder-care planners and accessible design consultants, when these services are needed.

When difficult situations arise, we are there to protect you. Most deals go smoothly, but some require a fight. We are tough negotiators. When someone starts yelling, we keep our cool and stand your ground. At the same time, we know that cooperative solutions are usually the best way forward, and we always aim to find a solution that will advance everyone’s interests.

With our depth of experience in both estate and real estate matters, we can go beyond handling your transaction, and advise on issues that involve both your home and your estate plans. A good example is in finding ways to tap the equity in an appreciated property, to increase liquidity in retirement and allow you to remain at home in your older age.

Commercial Leasing

I am committed to negotiating to achieve the best possible results for my clients.

For the first seven years of his career, Ron worked in international corporate law firms on major real estate deals, such as the Times Square redevelopment and the creation of the High Line. He also negotiated scores of leases all over the United States and handled lease reviews and assignments in multi-billion-dollar corporate transactions. So, when you have a commercial lease for an office, a store, or other business, you can rely on our expertise.

We take a realistic approach to negotiation, focusing on agreements that work for both parties and establish a sound, long-term relationship between landlord and tenant. This approach has been praised time and again by our client’s brokers. It also saves time and keeps your bill to a manageable level. At the same time, we raise every issue that will advance your interest, to ensure that you have a lease that you can live with for a good long time. By setting a cooperative, rather than an adversarial tone, we are able to obtain concessions and compromises for your benefit.

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